How to make 3D Crochet Braid

Hello my lovelies, Lets talk about hair. I transitioned from relaxed to natural hair a little over a year ago now. Prior to transitioning it was quite easy to make my hair myself because the hair was smooth and stretched out. Since the change it i found it easier to go get my hair done with [...]


Visiting London

London is the The most populous city in England. I remember growing up in Nigeria and in my thoughts people that  had been to London must be rich and posh. It basically signified a high societal status. The city of London is beautiful, very true to the pictures that had been painted on our minds [...]

One top 2 styles

Hi, When it comes to colours for my outfits i am very picky. I have notice I have more dark colours in my wardrobe. So I have consciously been adding some splash of colours. In addition to that, another factor that limits my style is my love for mono tone (matching colours all the way) "To match" like [...]